I was raised on a ranch in Montana. I learned many mechanical and technical skills at a young age. I enrolled in a two year A&P program in Helena Montana where I made arrangements rebuild a damaged Mooney airplane as part of my mechanic training. I also joined a local flying club and worked on my pilot ratings on the side. At the end of two years I had finished my mechanic training and got my A&P license as well as finished rebuilding the Mooney and obtained my instrument and commercial airplane ratings. Soon after I joined the Montana Army National Guard and was sent to the Army Flight School in Fort Rucker Alabama to learn to fly Helicopters. After a year of helicopter flight training I returned to Montana and flew the UH-60 Blackhawks in my National Guard Medivac Unit.

Past Situation

9 years ago I to the headed to the Philippines with a small Hughes 269A helicopter to assist missionaries that work in the remote mountainous areas of the country with the indigenous people. I there met my wife Wendy Guptill who was a missionary nurse running a jungle clinic in the Mountains on the island of Palawan. God has blessed our ministry and has replaced the Hughes 269 with an R44II and expanded the work with the addition of 3 airplanes and 3 more pilots. We provide emergency medivac services to the remote islands and mountainous areas that have little medical care, as well as logistical support to missionaries that also work in these areas.


I Currently holds an Inspection Authorization with my A&P license and Single and Multi engine flight instructor with my commercial Pilots license